If there is one feature that symbolises the SEVENTY 7’s ambition to become a yacht in a class of its own, it is its private beach.This feature is a world first on a catamaran and impelled the entire Lagoon team to go the extra mile in order to offer owners of this boat a unique experience. Let's take a detailed look at this innovation by Lagoon.

Description of the private beach
The private beach or hull door enables an increase in the area of the owner's cabin by providing a pioneering open access to the water.These opening systems are often used in Motor Yachts, but this is a first on a sailing yacht and a catamaran! Incorporation so far forward required many studies and approvals and much dialogue with standards bodies.
The size, the weight and the presence of glazing in the middle represented an additional challenge for the construction of the entire very large mechanism. Particular attention was devoted during the studies in order to ensure alignment of the surfaces and the peripheral clearance, which must be perfect from the moment of installation, and consistent following each use.

The design of the private beach
The door mechanism is in 316L stainless steel in order to satisfy all technical and environmental requirements. The outer skin, made of composite, conforms perfectly to the shape of the hull.Development was undertaken in close collaboration with the subcontractor responsible for the final manufacture of the product. The deck is teak with grey joints.

The hull door is operated by means of the on-board hydraulic system. Movement is controlled by two large cylinders.Audible and light indicators provide warning of movements.

After closure, four hydraulic locking cylinders compress the door onto the peripheral gasket in order to achieve a perfect seal. The system complies with standard NF EN ISO 12216. An override locking system can disable the system and enable remote control by the skipper in order to prevent unintentional opening.

Key figures in respect of the hull door
Dimensions: 1.91 m x 1.98 m
Surface area: 3.5 m²
Permissible loading: up to 200 kg