Interview with Mathieu Gizard
Interior manager

Following the installation of the bulkheads structure into the hull, which is strengthened thereby, the hull was removed from the mould.So we are now faced with a beautiful smooth and shiny hull, ready to receive its fittings.

This time, we have asked a design office engineer, Mathieu Gizard, interior manager, to explain to us what is involved in the manufacture and installation of the modules between the bulkheads.

What are the main stages in manufacturing and installing the modules?

The task is to develop modules (a set of furniture) which then form the cabins, galley, bathroom, etc., remaining as close as possible to the design produced by the interior designer (Nauta Design).
Our work is divided into several phases:

The preliminary design phase
This is a period during which we define the new design principles, as opposed to the already known principles that we carry across from one boat to another.
When the boat is designed, product marketing has devised new designs and new functionalities.Our role is to enable these new desires in relation to our construction process.
The approach is then to develop 3D prototypes, and produce a bill of materials and costings of these modules and the entire boat.
The timber methods department manages the procedures for furniture and module assembly, as well as the cutting of the parts used in the manufacture of these modules, which are then assembled in the joinery shop.

The project
At this stage, we apply every principle (new and established) to all of the boat’s cabins:
- all the cabins are developed in 3D
- the joinery shop manages the cutting, using numeric control, of all the parts, and the procurement department manages the hardware aspect
- assembly of the various modules is undertaken by the joinery shop, in accordance with a procedure formulated by the Methods department
- the module is brought down and lowered into the boat, working aft from the port bow (entire port hull), and then the starboard side
Once all of the modules have been installed in the hull, the coachroof supports and door frames are installed.

Marketing approval
Finally, Product Marketing approves all the modules and their installation, whether in terms of design or functionality and finish.
Some adjustments may be made as a result of this inspection.
The aim is to approve each step, each piece of timber, each module, and the entire procedure, in order to be able duplicate it on all future hull numbers.

What is a module?
The module is the fit-out between two structural bulkheads.2 to 4 modules can be inserted between two bulkheads.
For example, the galley consists of a single module, but the owner's cabin is divided into several.One of the owner’s cabin modules includes the berth, the bedside tables, the large bookcase at the head of the bed and the companionway into the cabin.

Mathieu Gizard
Joining CNB in 2004 as Fit-out designer, he was involved in the development of the Lagoon 500.
He then became Fit-out Supervisor, and subsequently Interior manager a year ago.
Mathieu manages a team of eight designers working on different projects. But all worked on the SEVENTY 7 project during the development phase.