A place in the sun!

The distinguishing feature of this new Lagoon resides in the creation of a true living space dedicated to the owner, independent of the rest of the vessel.

Located in the forward hull area, the owner’s suite, by virtue of the lounge area, which can be rendered private, enjoys the benefit of a living space on two levels, one on the main deck and the other in the hull.

The freedom of movement is unique:
  • direct, private access from the saloon,
  • direct access to the cockpit and foredeck
  • and for the very first time on a sailing yacht (offered as an option): direct access to the sea by virtue of a platform on the outboard side of the hull
In the hull, day and night zones follow one after the other: king-size bed, stowage, bookcase, desk and sofa. These 25 m² of spaces are designed in minute detail, with particular attention to the use of stowage spaces, ergonomics and movement. Two key spaces complete the ingredients of this owner’s suite: a real wardrobe fitted out "like at home" and a large, bright and spacious bathroom.

When one chooses the optional cabin layout, the large sofa surrenders its place to the sea! In fact, a miracle of hydraulic technology makes it possible to open the interior space to the outside in complete safety. This platform creates a private beach overlooking the sea, providing direct access to the water and a unique view of the horizon.
A magical place to enjoy the sun, sea and sky from morning to evening…